Can you write me a letter of intent for business purposes?
We are a specialized online company that provides a high quality service to help you write your letter of intent. Business letters of intent make up a sizeable proportion of our business and we employ many writers who are highly experienced in this area.
Can you provide a sample template for letter of intent writing?
If you are unsure of the format you need to use for your letter of intent writing purposes, then we can provide you with a letter of intent sample template. However, you should be aware that every letter of intent is different and just a single word used out of context could turn a non-binding document into a legally enforceable document. This is why we always suggest that you use a service such as ours to write or edit your letter of intent for business for you before submission.
What is the difference between a binding and a non-binding agreement?
If an agreement is binding then it can be enforced in law. A contract, for instance, is covered by contract law and can be enforced through civil courts with damages claimed/awarded, should one party not uphold their end of the deal. A letter of intent should be non-binding, which means that you can back out at any stage without penalty nor make any unnecessary promises. There are phrases, terms and words that must be included and those that must be avoided to prevent this. Turn to us for a consultation and we will customize your document to serve your needs and meet your expectations.
Are your writers qualified to write letters of intent?
Each and every one of our writers holds at least an MBA or a PhD and will write letters of intent in the areas of their experience and qualification. A letter of intent for business purposes will be written by a writer who knows precisely how this letter of intent needs to be written and not by someone without experience.
Do you guarantee grant applications?
We can write your letter of intent for a grant application using all of the available information about the awarding body to tailor your application as close as possible to their requirements and aims. However, no one can guarantee success as the end result will still depend on a person or committee making the selection. We can however make you letter the best it can possibly be to boost your chances of success.
If I have received a letter of intent and do not agree with its contents should I just ignore it?
No, if you ignore them you may as well be agreeing them. If you need to respond to a letter of intent that you have received we can provide you help in writing an appropriate response. If you are not satisfied with the draft of the letter we produced, we offer free revisions within 30 days!