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What Is a Professional Letter of Intent?

If you are planning on conducting a financial deal, you may have to begin the process by submitting a professional letter of intent. This is a formal letter that provides details about your motivations or terms to another party before you actually sit down and develop the final contract. The purpose of your letter of intent is to announce that your deal is active and to ensure that both parties begin to cooperate on an exclusive footing. Unlike a contract, a letter of intent is not legally binding and therefore should the deal fall through, there will be no liability from your side.

Writing a Letter of Intent with Us

Our Completed Projects Last Month:

  • 43 admission letters of intent were written
  • 16 business letters of intent were completed
  • 22 employment letters of intent were done
  • average letter of intent length – 302 words
  • average selected deadline – 3 days


That being said, a poorly written letter of intent  that resembles a contract too closely or that contains language that could be interpreted as binding, could present you with an unfavorable situation. Our service is here to help you to write a professional letter of intent that will protect your financial interests!

How Our Writers Can Write You a Professional Letter of Intent

For very simple, low-profile deals you may wish to consider writing your letter of intent yourself and you can certainly find a professional letter of intent sample online or on our site. But if you are searching for examples online with the intention of creating a customized letter of intent that represents a large business transaction or an important venture, these samples are not enough. Every business deal is different and every letter of intent needs to be approached differently depending on the circumstances. This is why if you are writing a letter of intent and you have little or no experience, you should consider our professional writing or editing services! When you order our services, your letter will cover everything in a concise, effective and professional manner.

Why You Should Use Our Writers

Our service is a highly specialized service that works exclusively on letters of intent and other related documents. If you need a professional letter of intent written quickly that will clearly articulate your intentions, then consider our company today!

Our writers all hold university degrees, are qualified and native English speakers. Unlike other similar writing services offered online, we  have a great deal of experience writing in this area. You will work with a writer who has experience in the specific area of interest or concern, whether a letter of intent for investments, property purchases, business mergers, leases or university applications.

For a highly professional letter of intent choose one of the best online services that knows exactly how to serve you and provide friendly customer service, professional documents and timely response times!